Pet TENDing to a T

To Get Started

  • Tell us how we might help you and your pet or furry crew via email or by phone.
  • We'll note down your dates and requests and setup a free introductory Meet-and-Greet to meet you and your pets.
  • At our meeting, we thoroughly detail your needs and requests and learn about your pet's schedule and routines, etc.
  • We customize our services to your needs and advise a final cost estimate (less any extensions per your request).
  • TENDmyPet then cares for your pet(s) with the utmost care and attention AND we follow your instructions to a T.
  • Arrive home worry-free to happy & relaxed pets. Your pet has been in gentle, caring and capable hands.
  • Let us know you have arrived home a.s.a.p. as we make extra visits if travel delays occur. We then return your keys.
  • WE THANK YOU for letting TENDmyPet serve you and your pet! Let us know when TENDmyPet may help you again!
  • Please Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter to help us spread-the-word about our services!
  • Refer friends who book dates and services with TENDmyPet to earn $10 off (total bill) your next service.
No Same-Day or Extra Fees for Last Minute Bookings 

Private Dog Walks

$20 for thirty minutes (up to 2 dogs)
$30 for sixty minutes (up to 2 dogs)

Longer dog walking sessions are available upon request. Please call or email us for a quote. For longer walks (60 or more minutes), visits to local-area dog parks and/or nearby hiking trails are commonly visited. Walking locations are suited to each client's unique preferences and their permission.

Pet-TENDing Visits (Dogs, Cats, Fish, Small Caged Pets, Too!)

$20 for thirty minute visit (up to 3 pets)
$30 for sixty minute visit (up to 3 pets)

After three pets, add $2 extra per cat and/or $3 extra per dog

Perfect for potty breaks, scheduled visits to feed pets, or for administering any topical or oral pet medications at designated intervals. Pets will get fresh water each visit in addition to focused attention, lots of affection and some playtime and/or a little exercise during these visits.

These visits also include a litter box cleanup for any kitties along mail-and-package pickups, rotating lights on or off, opening and/or closing the blinds or drapes and watering any plants as needed.

Please note: Due to liability concerns and each pet's well-being, TENDmyPet does NOT offer every other day service for any pet. TENDmyPet needs to visit a pet at least once every twenty-four hours to ascertain their water and food supply (as some pets like to tip over their water bowls, to ensure pet safety and to immediately address any potentially urgent veterinary care.

Overnight Pet Care (Includes an early morning, evening walk & a bedtime potty break)

$65 - night(s) 1-9 (12 hours each night & up to 3 pets)
$55 - nights 10+ (discount applies to ten or more consecutive night stays only) 

Overnights usually begin between 6-7 pm

Add $10 a day for a mid-day visit (this discounted fee applies only to a mid-day visit booked with an overnight stay)

Add $5 an hour for additional hourto extend a 12-hour overnight pet care visit (evening and early morning hours only) 
Extend-a-visit hourly fees are also only available with a booked overnight stay

After three pets, add $2 extra per cat and/or $3 extra per dog

Please note - if return is later than 1 pm on final day's stay, that night's fee applies. For example overnight care for weekend with a morning Saturday departure with a late Sunday return home, the total bill is 2 x $60 = $120

In-home overnight stays also include feeding pets at their scheduled mealtimes and preparing meals (with broth, meat, veggies, etc.) as per each pet's habits, routines and their owner's specifications. Only an owner's selection of treats are given out, if these are allowed. We are happy to water any plants, bring in mail and packages, scoop and/or change the litter box, cleanup pet waste (small yards) and place any garbage or recycling containers curbside for pickup. We will return trash and recycling containers to their proper storage location. At least once per day, we are happy to update pet parents with a text message on how their pet(s) are doing. Lots of affection and one-on-one attention for each pet is happily part of how we spend time with pets. Overnight pet care visits will require an $80 deposit for any reservation made during the Holidays (see list below.) 

Pet Taxi Services

$17 each way to a vet appointment or a grooming salon visits, etc
+ Actual Costs if picking up prescriptions, paying for any dog food or grooming. Receipts will be provided.

House TENDing or Vacation Home Checks (No Pets)

$27 per hour

Typical requests include walking the perimeter of homes, checking for locked doors and secure windows, entering all rooms, taking a close look for any signs of problems, intrusion or leaks, washing linens and changing bedding after guests depart, throwing out any remaining refrigerated foods that must be tossed, adjusting the thermostat up or down during the winter, watering plants, taking out garbage cans to the curb or simply just being on hand for a winter weatherization service or an appliance repair or delivery. If mail service has not been stopped, TENDmyPet can bring in any remaining mail and packages that may still need a pickup. Other services such as overnight house sitting can be provided. Please contact us for a quote.


Other Fees
$7 Key pickup or return
$25 Returned check fee 
$1 per mile if distance traveled is more than 10 miles

2017 Holiday Surcharge will be $10 for all Holidays


Holidays include New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Payment Information

Payments for services are due on the first day of service. Overnights require an $80 deposit for any reservation occurring on a Holiday. At this time, only cash and checks are accepted. Please make checks payable to TENDmyPet. We are very happy to have your business and thank you for having TENDmyPet provide service to you!

Cancellation Policy

TENDmyPet understands that services may need to be rescheduled from time-to-time. We are happy to adjust dates or times to help you. However, as we exclusively serves clients and their pets when services and dates are booked, please give us as much notice as possible for any changes.

Any cancellations result in lost income and declined service opportunities for other clientele. As a result, cancellation requests received with less than 24 hours notice for all services are not refundable and the minimum service fee i.e. one dog walk or a single pet visit is billable.

Overnight pet care deposits will be credited to clients in full for future use within 12 months if there is at least one week's notice for any reservation not occurring on a Holiday. Overnights cancelled during a Holiday require a notice of four weeks for a 100% return of their $80 deposit. If there is less than four weeks notice for any Holiday overnight care reservation, only a 50% credit of the deposit (a total of $40) will be issued and honored within 12 months.
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