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Growing Up With Pets & Then Working With Them

Elizabeth Meeting Mayor Max in CA, Fall 2014

TENDmyPet is run by a devoted and experienced pet sitter, a life-long animal lover, and a long-time pet parent. Meet Elizabeth Green, who runs and operates TENDmyPet. 

After a few years of caring for pets for a veteran pet sitter in Los Angeles, and pet sitting in between other work in LA and in Bend, Elizabeth recently formed her own Pet-TENDing business, TENDmyPet.

Elizabeth has studied how the best pet caretakers work, adopted their best traits and practices, and has even hired several pet sitters to care for her own animals when she has had to travel or be away from home.

Pet sitters and the care they provided for Marley, in particular, separated the GREAT pet sitters Elizabeth encountered from one sitter who paid lax attention to her pets to another who entirely disregarded specific instructions for her blind pet.

Being on the receiving end of care extended to her own animals has been a huge motivator for establishing high-standards of care and keen attention given to the pets in Elizabeth's care. Already a discerning observer of the little details, Elizabeth grew with Marley's presence to appreciate even more, how care administered to a dependent animal, or how the smallest of details, could impact Marley so dramatically for good or for bad.

TENDmyPet promises clients and pets, singular attention to their pets and any Pet-TENDing delivered with great care.  Instructions and special requests will be observed and followed to a T. 

Adopting Her Own Rescues

Elizabeth grew up with family dogs (large ones) and then adopted both dogs and cats of her own. For the last ten years, she has lived with at least one cat. All four of Elizabeth's pets were rescues from shelters or pet rescue contacts.

Presently, only Elizabeth's two kitties, Mason and Montana reside with her, as her beloved dogs are no longer living.

Oso was a huge, lovable, and ever-playful chocolate lab who lived with Elizabeth for just over twelve years, while Marley, a blind dog, had the most amazing and sweet spirit in spite of her blindness and despite a ruthless abandonment just days before she found her forever home (of nearly nine years) with Elizabeth. 

Kitty Mason has lived with Elizabeth since he was six weeks old. He is now nearly eleven years old. Montana joined Mason and Elizabeth in 2011. She is a former Brightside Animal Center kitty!

Elizabeth's blind dog, Marley


Need help with a blind pet or for a pet suffering from severe separation anxiety, let us know!

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Blind Dogs & Separation Anxiety

Blind collie-mix, Marley, was found by a fellow pet sitter and friend late at night on Christmas Eve 2003. Marley was discovered drenched, cold and stumbling into cars in a steep hillside neighborhood. She had been left alone and shut out of a residence. The homeowner then left town for the holidays.

A microchip revealed a paper trail of several temporary placements, some of her past history, and an adoption that lasted only a single day on the day before Christmas Eve.

Consequently, Marley suffered from severe separation anxiety likely due to her blindness, her dependence on human eyes to help keep her safe, and presumably from several re-homing transfers.

Through trial-and-error, Elizabeth learned on the fly how to take care of a blind dog and how to lessen the severity of Marley's separation anxiety. 

While Marley's separation anxiety never completely ceased, Elizabeth did discover methods and a few products to help calm Marley.  

Elizabeth currently pet sits for an ever-so-lovable blind dog named Harley. While she loves all pets, she has a special place in her heart for blind dogs (and especially for Marley and Harley.)
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